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About Me

My Background


I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. I studied art in high school and intended to go to art college, but decided to study Travel and Tourism instead.  I moved to Yellowknife and worked at a number of hotels until I was hired with a Northern airline. After 11 years in the North I decided to head back to Alberta and was able to relocate with my job to Edmonton. My Dad wanted to donate a personalized painting of mine a few years ago to a children's Charity in Calgary that my family volunteers with called 'Dreams Take Flight'. They loved the painting and commissioned me to do 5 more for Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal,and another one for Calgary.  This has inspired me to try and keep going, and possibly make a career out of it down the road.



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My Inspiration


I was born in the small Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. I was raised in Alberta, but was inspired to start painting after living in the North and hearing the stories of my Mothers childhood of growing up there.  In grade 6 I remember doing an art project on the book by Robert W. Service 'The Cremation of Sam McGee', and loved the illustrations by Ted Harrison. He is one of my biggest influences.